Robotic ARM Demo on Shunya OS

This project contains demo code to interface and run Robotic Arm on a board with Shunya OS.

Hardware required:

  • SBC with Shunya OS
  • U-Arm Swift Pro

Software required:

  • git

To install git you can use the following command:

$ sudo opkg install git

Steps for running the Motion Detection Demo:

To run Run a demo of this project please follow these steps. We assume that you have already installed the pre-requisites before following these steps

Step 1 : Cloning the Project

On Shunya OS run command to clone this project

$ git clone

Step 2: Connect the Robotic Arm

Connect the Robotic Arm to the board with Shunya OS and power on the robotic arm.

Step 3: Setup

Run these commands

$ cd roboArmDemo
$ ./

Step 4: Starting the Demo

Run the Demo program

$ python3

As soon as you run the code your Robotic Arm should move.